Our Story

In 2001 we started a small mail order business in Wales, long before the days of websites, selling our American Braided Rugs by phone.  They had been introduced to us by an American friend many years before, but were well below the radar in the UK.

Made on the east coast of America, predominantly in North Carolina, these rugs are based on the plaited rag rugs made by the early settlers for their cabins. The company, Capel Inc., who are our suppliers, have been making braided rugs for over 100 years! A family run business, they represent the best of American quality and tradition, and we have always been happy to sell their rugs. We have had them in our home for the last 20 years, and they are still going strong!

These American rugs are highly durable, reversible, machine washable and made of the softest premium yarns and last a lifetime, making them a truly sustainable product.

In 2011, we decided to create our own range of natural, jute rugs with the British and European market in mind.  We started working with a family-run manufacturing company in Bangladesh, using organic jute fibres and the local, artisan skills to produce our first in-house designed colourways.  Over the years, we have travelled to Bangladesh many times, and count our colleagues there as the most integral part of this business.  They share our commitment to looking after people, creating jobs, employing woman and working constantly to provide the best working environment possible.

Through this constant innovation, they are now ECOTA accredited (the National Fair Trade Network of Bangladesh, a World Fair Trade Organisation).

The production was moved to a brand new premises in 2021, meaning it complies the highest regulations; running off solar energy, we recycle the soft rain water for dying the yarns, the jute bales provide natural sound insolation from the yarn spinning machines.  We are very happy to see that many small shops have sprung up around the premises, keeping the local community happy!


A little about jute:

  • Jute, known as the ‘golden fibre’ is the national emblem of Bangladesh.
  • It grows abundantly, reaching maturity up to three times a year, making it a highly efficient source of renewable fibre.
  • It has natural UV protection and so grows without needing fertilizers and pesticides, in fact jute enhances the quality of the soil for future crops.
  • It is 100% biodegradable.
  • Jute is the softest natural fibre and so is very comfortable underfoot.
  • It is also surprisingly the hardest wearing, so products will last and last.
  • An added bonus is that jute is naturally fire retardant.

On our travels, we also came across the company we work with in India, who manufacture our Eco Braids. Our Eco Braided products are produced in Panipat in Northern India and are made from 100% recycled plastics; not only plastic bottles, but every type of plastic that can’t be recycled domestically.  The unfortunate, never ending supply of waste plastic means that there is a constant source of material to be put to use.  These rugs are machine washable, dry in a second, they never fade, they can live inside or outside and they last forever.

Our story