Retail FAQ’s

Q. What currency is used for transactions on the website?

A. All transactions made via the website are in Pounds Sterling (GBP, £).

Q. Can I place an order from outside of the UK?

A. If you would like to place an order from outside of the UK please contact us either by email: [email protected], or by telephone: +44 (0)1654 767248. Please note, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are considered as outside of the UK.

Q. How do I clean my rug?


American Braids (excluding Pale Gold & Colony Blue) and Eco Braids

You can pop them in the washing machine on a cool/wool wash. They will feel pretty dry when they come out, and just dry naturally. Do not tumble dry. This is for rugs up to 3’x5′. Larger rugs can be washed at the launderette, or surface cleaned with a steam cleaner. For regular care, just vacuum and turn regularly. You may also dry clean.

American Pale Gold and Colony Blue

As a 100% wool rug, we would suggest dry cleaning. Spot clean with any proprietary product or soap and water.

Organic Jute Braids

Our manufacturers recommend surface cleaning. However, we have had reports from our customers that they have washed the smaller rugs successfully, as, indeed have we. However, we have to say machine washing is at your own risk! You can spot clean them with soap and water as a surface clean, and of course you can vacuum them. Soaking in a bath is not advised, as jute can take an eternity to dry when soaked. You can also dry clean.

Q. Will my rug slip on a wood/slate/stone floor?

A. Small rugs can slip, and we recommend a thin underlay. offer a good range. Ikea also has a product you can buy. Larger rugs are unlikely to, as they are pretty heavy.

Q. Can I get colour samples?

A. We can send samples of our Eco Braids. However, due to the way the rest of our rugs are manufactured we can’t send colour samples, but we can send a piece of braid to give you an idea of the quality and some examples of the colours.

Q. Are the rugs colourfast?

A. Yes, all our rugs are dyed with commercial dyes, and will not leave colour on a carpet underneath.

Q. What if I don't like my rug when I get it?

A. Please refer to our Delivery & Returns page.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my rug?

Q. Can I have a different size?

A. Yes, you can have a custom size made. Please call us for more information.

Q. What are the carriage costs?

A. £4.99 for purchases under £50.00. £8.95 for purchases over £50.00. 3-5 working days, excluding Bank Holidays.

Q. Do you have a brochure?

A. Sorry, no. But if you would like any detailed information we are happy to talk to you. Please call 01654 767248, or email us on [email protected].