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Eco Braided Rugs

Due to COVID we are experiencing delays with our deliveries of these rugs. The good news is we should have a selection available around mid January, and we will update the website as soon as we have them or you can pre-order by phoning 01654767248.

100% recycled plastics and machine washable at 30 degrees!

You are going to love our very own range of Eco Braids. Not only can you machine wash them, they can be used indoors or out, without rotting, or developing mildew. And they won't fade! They don't feel like plastic either - they are supremely soft underfoot. And by buying one of these rugs, you are now doing your own little bit towards combatting the millions of tons of waste plastic produced every year. We've chosen both bright and soft colour options for you to choose for your kitchen, utility, deck, hall, or anywhere else you can use one.

And all of this at a great price!